Metadata synchronization

Tyrannosaurus sync

Running Tox calls tyrannosaurus sync. This command copies some project metadata from pyproject.toml to other files and between sections. These are the required Python versions, development requirements, and line length. It will also warn you if other information seems inconsistent, such as a license file not matching.

You can configure this behavior in pyproject.toml under [tool.tyrannosaurus.sources] and [tool.tyrannosaurus.targets]. targets specifies what files and directories to update. Filename extensions and some directory names are omitted. The information to update will be decided from the filenames. For example, init will include the copyright statement from tool.tyrannosaurus.sources.copyright. The sources can be either literal values surrounded in single quotes, or the names of other settings in pyproject.toml. You can use ${today} to refer to the current date and ${datetime} for the datetime. datetime will be in the format 2020-05-07 20:21. You can access individual fields as expected, such as ${datetime.hour}} for '20'.


Tyrannosaurus always generates backups before modifying. These are saved in .tyrannosaurus but are cleared on the next Tox build.

List of sync targets

Here are most of the available synchronization targets:

  • Copyright, status, and date in

  • Dev dependencies between, tool.poetry.extras, and tox.ini

  • An all optional dependency list with all optional non-dev packages

  • Dependencies for building docs in docs/ and docs/requirements.txt

  • Code line length between black and pycodestyle

  • Python version in pyproject.toml, tox.ini, .travis.yml, black, and readthedocs.yml

  • Copyright in docs/

  • Poetry version in Dockerfile

  • Authors and year listed in the license file

  • Metadata in CITATION.cff and codemeta.json

  • Dev versions in .pre-commit-config.yaml

  • --maintainers arg for Grayskull in tox.ini

  • doc_url, dev_url, and license_file in meta.yaml

  • Most recent version in assuming Keep a Changelog